17 Mar 2014
14 Apr 2014
Ext 01
Job Type


  • Emergency and Speciality Medicine Directorate (Ref: Ext 01)
  • Emergency Department/Acute Medicine/Infectious Disease/Neurology/Rheumatology/Dermatology / Care for the older person
  • Cancer and Surgery Directorate: (Ref: Ext 02)
  • Orthopaedic and Spinal Unit/ ENT / Breast / General Surgery/ Colon-Rectal/Ophthalmology
  • Critical Care Directorate: (Ref: Ext 03)
  • Intensive Care/ Theatre / Anaesthetics / Recovery/High Dependency Unit
  • Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Renal and Endocrine Directorate: (Ref: Ext 04)
  • Heart and Lung Transplant / Cardio Thoracic/ Acute Thoracic/Cardiology / Renal


    Patient Care:

  1. Provides nursing care in conformance with recognised nursing practice, procedure and established standards and administrative policy.
  2. Recognises and reports symptoms of patient's conditions to Ward Manager or in her absence to the physician/surgeon concerned, and institutes corrective measures.
  3. Co-operates with other members of the nursing, medical and paramedical team to provide continuity of patient care.
  4. Orientates new patients to the Hospital and instructs them regarding Hospital procedure.
  5. Maintains public relations with patients, relatives and visitors.
  6. Recognises the patient as an individual and ensures that the patient’s needs and comfort are given priority
  7. Ensures the holistic, including spiritual care of patients is provided.

  Ward Management:-

  1. Relieves Ward Manager when so delegated.
  2. Reports to, and exchanges information with the Ward Manager to  facilitate patient care. Liaises with Pastoral Care Team when necessary.
  3. Supervises and works with Student Nurses and care attendants.
  4. Maintains a safe, clean, comfortable and quiet environment for patients.
  5. Maintains and checks written records, charts, drug sheet, etc. and ensures that these are recorded accurately.
  6. Plans for the conservation and economical use of Hospital supplies.
  7. Maintains a check on all equipment before and after use; returns equipment to its proper place.
  8. Ensures that controlled Drug Records are accurately kept and any discrepancy reported immediately to Ward Manager, Service Nurse Manager and Director of Nursing Services.
  9. In the absence of Ward Manager directs staff in any emergency situation which may arise within the Hospital also in any minor or major disasters in which the Hospital may be involved.
  10. Rotates on all shifts of duty as required.
  11. Rotates to all clinical areas, if required by the Director of Nursing.
  12. Familiarises him/herself with fire drill and procedure for same.
  13. Ensures that new Staff are well orientated to ward/department.
  14. Familiarises him/herself with the Hospital disaster plan, Health & Safety Policy and cardiac resuscitation and instructs Junior Staff   on method of procedure.
  15. Adheres to all Hospital Policy and procedures


  • Demonstrates skilled nursing care in the clinical situation to student nurses and care attendants.
  • Participates actively in inservice education programme.
  • Keeps currently informed of new developments in nursing.
  • Co-operates with Tutors and Clinical Practice co-ordinators in planned assignments for student nurses.
  • Co-operates with the practice development unit in the implementation of all Practice development programmes


  • Reports to the Ward Manager on the performance of Student Nurses and assists in their evaluation.


  • Participates and supports activities of investigation as conducted by nursing administration or other departments.


  •  Keeps abreast of new developments in nursing and allied professions.
  •  Attends Mandatory instruction sessions and achieves certification for Intravenous Drug Administration, CPR and Manual Handling. 
  •  Attends and participates in Staff conferences and Study Days. 

Undertakes other duties appropriate to the Post as may be assigned from time to time by the Hospital Authority through Director of Nursing Services.