Nurse Practitioners... Ever considered joining an agency that’s a bit different?

£20 - £60/hour
11 Apr 2012
09 May 2012
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We’ll still offer you work at the places you’d expect and we’ll still pay you well and on time.  So far nothing new, so whats different about us then..? 

Well, quite a lot actually...

We are nice people, with personalities. 
You’re not just a name to us, we consider you a friend of Merco.  When we speak we’ll ask about how you’re doing and we’ll chat about the weather, your holidays or here’s a scary thought, politics.  We are kept busy by finding you work but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a chat, does it?

We only register people that we genuinely feel we can help. 
We’re not impressed by huge databases – it is after all what you do with it that counts, right?  Fortunately our client portfolio is broad so there’s not many Doctors, GPs, Nurse Practitioners or Practice Nurses we can’t help.

We don’t get the call centre thing. 
Which is good news for you.  When you dial our number you are greeted by one of cheery team members – not a robot telling you to press 5.  Our team is made up of some really lovely people from all over the world.  What they have in common is a desire to do well by you.  So, if you speak Polish, Lithuanian, Afrikaans, Gujarati, Urdu, French or Spanish and you’re feeling a bit homesick give us a call.  Our English isn’t too bad either!

We’re not just lovely to our candidates.
We have great relationships with our clients too.  This helps us to receive work that other agencies sometimes don’t receive which means there’s less chance of you having to speak to one of those run of the mill agencies.  Not bad, eh?

So, you’ve just read 4 pretty convincing reasons for joining Merco.  Whether you want short term locums to boost your income, something regular or you simply feel you’re ready to move into a brand new job – we can help.

Call one of our friendly team members anytime on 0208 947 3077.  If it’s easier you could e-mail us at  We make point a point of responding to all enquiries within 24 hours or by Monday if you get in touch over the weekend – we need to recharge our batteries too!