Registered Nurse - Soldier: Infection Prevention and Control

Starting salary will be in excess of £28,696 (DOE)
07 Jan 2013
04 Feb 2013
Nursing Field
Armed forces, Hospital, Midwifery
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If you are about qualify or are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (RN(A) Level 1) and are under the age of 32 years and 11 months, you are eligible to apply to become a Registered Nurse Soldier in the QARANC.  To serve as a Nurse in the Regular Army you will be registered with the NMC. On completion of your phase 1 training, your starting salary will be in excess of £28,696 (dependant on clinical experience). A further increase in salary can be obtained through completion of specialist qualifications and operational trade competencies which will be in addition to annual increments. The post provides an unprecedented opportunity for the Infection prevention and control (IPC) practitioner to accelerate and progress toward the elimination of avoidable healthcare associated infections. A subject matter expert in IPC you will utilise your leadership and clinical skills in a variety of settings.  The basic requirement for a practitioner is 60 approved level 6 to 7 academic credits in IPC with appropriate experience. The IPC Practitioner must be certified, as well as working towards a higher level of competency.  Continuous Professional Development is fundamental for all Army Nurses, with a vast array of educational qualifications available, up to and including PhD level as required.

Nursing On The Frontline - A nursing career within Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps (QARANC) can open up some exceptionally rewarding experiences.  As an IPC Practitioner you will be in a position to influence the entire medical team. You will direct interventions that protect patients from healthcare associated infections in clinical and other diverse settings. In addition you will facilitate confident dialogue with all levels of authority on the impact infection prevention makes for the medical treatment facilities and the organisation. Whether you’re working in the UK or overseas, you will benefit from a blend of professional and military training designed to stretch you both clinically and personally.  The best part of your job is the rewarding feeling that comes with nursing not only our soldiers and service personal, but a very diverse population in a unique environment. Demand for nurses is growing all the time and if you are interested and are looking for a new and exciting challenge, contact the QARANC recruiting team for further details. The role is indeed a unique challenge, but if you’re ready to make the most of it, it’s a challenge that could transform your whole career, and enable you to benefit from a wide range of experiences.  If you are looking to take your skills further with a new and exciting challenge, contact QARANC recruiting team for further details.  

Army Nursing isn’t for everyone; it’s unique a challenge, but if you are ready to make the most of it, it’s a challenge that could transform your whole career.

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