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The author of new guidance to support registered staff that work in care homes said the “highly skilled” role had previously been “undervalued” but was now a major area of opportunity for nurses.
The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust in Liverpool has promoted its experienced director of nursing to become its new chief executive.
NHS staff will be given first refusal to buy up to 3,000 new homes that are set to be built on health service land deemed to be surplus to requirement, according to the government.
A free digital tool designed to help nurses progress in their careers has been launched in London.
Jocelyn Cornwell points out that, in order for patients to receive the best possible care, nurses need to be taken care of themselves.
The Commons’ health select committee released a major report on the nursing workforce on Friday, advising leaders that they needed to recruit nurses “at scale and pace”.
Workplace violence in nursing is a critical issue, and the processes employers have in place to mitigate such actions are worth considering before choosing a nursing job.
Conflict is unavoidable in the NHS or any other workplace. When managed effectively, it can be a constructive, transformative force that leads to consistent improvements.
It is imperative that in a healthcare setting, with its additional stress and uncertainly, nurses can quickly gain trust and deal with what can be challenging and complex three-way communication proce
Older nurses often face additional pressures from friends and family who have concerns around their own health and wellbeing, and can find themselves caring for spouses & grandchildren in addition