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Royal Navy Medical Branch
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A Nursing Career in the Royal Navy offers exciting challenges and rewards to match. Take your nursing skills all around the world, working in different environments, adapt to challenging situations and develop your leadership and management skills.

In the UK we are based in Hospital Group Units embedded into NHS hospitals in Plymouth, Portsmouth or Birmingham. When deployed, you could be working as part of a Role 2 Afloat team on board
one of our Aircraft Carriers or in a tented field hospital working with the United Nations in South Sudan.

There are two entry routes, both of which require a BSc in Adult or Mental Health Nursing and NMC registration.

Naval Nurse (Rating): As a junior clinical nurse, your primary focus is developing your nursing skills and caring for patients as part of a team. As your career progresses, you can take on wider roles and responsibilities and also begin to build on your leadership and management skills, working towards future promotion and progression.

Nursing Officer: You can join as a Nursing Officer from being newly
qualified and in addition to your clinical development, you’ll be at the forefront of your team, utilising your leadership and management acumen to support and help develop everyone around you, both at home in the UK and deployed overseas.

Pay and Benefits: Join at a level and rank that reflects your nursing
experience. (On completion of Initial Naval Training) Naval Nurse ratings
will start on a minimum salary of £33,667 and Nursing Officers
on £33,941.

• Continuous professional development
• Fully funded post-graduate Specialist Nurse qualifications in ED, ITU, Trauma and Orthopaedics, Burns and Plastics and Primary Healthcare
• Sports and Adventurous training opportunities
• Subsidised food and accommodation including family housing
• Forces Help to Buy house purchase scheme
• Travel around the world
• Free medical and dental care

We are actively recruiting for Critical Care Experienced Nurses. As an experienced nurse, you will quickly find yourself working in one of our Joint Hospital Units in Plymouth, Portsmouth or Birmingham, to complete your Critical Care competencies. The RN actively promotes further education and there is continuous funding for post-graduate qualifications in this specialism. As a minimum, you can get funding for 60 credits to become a Specialist Critical Care Nurse.

If you have already achieved 60 credits in Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Burns and Plastics, Trauma and Orthopaedics, Infection Control or Primary Care, you will be entitled to a £30,000 Golden Hello for joining and also earn an additional £11.70 a day in recognition of your skills and expertise. 

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1000+ employees
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Clinical Nurse Specialists, Military, Staff Nurse


Petty Officer Naval Nurse Ryan  Jennings
Petty Officer Naval Nurse Ryan Jennings 
Cardio-respiratory Nursing Specialist and current Specialist Medical Recruiter
02392 722549

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