Independent Assessment Services (IAS)

Independent Assessment Services (IAS)
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Working for Independent Assessment Services is perfect for ambitious Health Professionals who want to switch to a dynamic and flexible career that’s built around them.

You can put your expertise and training to good use in a new and objective way, to ensure that people you meet are treated professionally and with respect resulting in a fair and accurate assessment. You will also benefit from great training, flexible hours and a better work / life balance



What service do we provide?

We are responsible for carrying out assessments for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) as well as Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and a wide range of benefits in Northern Ireland, benefits devised to support people with a long term health condition or disability.

PIP replaced Disability Living allowance as a brand new benefit for people between the ages of 16 and 64 from 1st March 2013. It’s designed to provide financial support to people with a health condition or disability which impacts on their day-to-day lives.

ESA offers financial support to those with a health condition or disability who are unable to work.

Our role is to assess the extent to which a person’s health conditions or disabilities impact on their daily life and their ability to live independently, rather than assessing the conditions themselves or providing diagnostic care.


Where do we operate?

We operate in two geographical areas of the UK delivering Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessments. One area covers Scotland, the North West, the North East and Yorkshire and Humber, and the other is made up of London, the East of England, the South East and the South West.

We also assess Employment Support Allowance (ESA) cases and a range of other benefits throughout Northern Ireland against criteria set by the Department for Work and Pensions on behalf of the Northern Ireland Department for Communities.


Who do we work with?

To help deliver assessments for PIP in the UK, we work with supply chain partners, from NHS Trusts to private organisations, operating out of nearly 200 Consultation Centres.

We have around 1500 Health Professionals whose job it is to assess claimants’ cases and provide assessments that form part of a report that lets DWP reach a final decision on an individual’s claim.

To deliver assessments in Northern Ireland we have 11 Consultation Centres and over 60 Health Professionals.


Who can work for us?

Our teams come from a variety of backgrounds, including Nurses (RGN, RMN and RNLD), physiotherapists and occupational therapists as well as paramedics (excluding Northern Ireland). We ask that you are registered with your relevant medical body and have at least two years post-qualification practical experience.

When you join us, you’ll be given detailed training in how to carry out health and disability assessments. We invest in extensive training programmes for both Health Professionals and support teams, focusing on placing the claimant experience firmly at the heart of our service.


How do assessments work?

In terms of the assessment process, the role of Independent Assessment Services is very specific.

The process starts and finishes with the Department for Work and Pensions, who provide us with cases. It’s our job to open a case and carry out an initial evaluation, before we start our assessment, arrange face-to-face consultations where necessary, and then write up a report.

The DWP will make a decision by looking at the claim and its supporting evidence. Our assessment report is only one part of this supporting evidence.


How do we approach our role?

At Independent Assessment Services we strive to deliver fair and accurate assessments 100% of the time.

As a trusted partner in the assessment process, we combine professionalism and compassion making assessments inclusive for all.

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