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We are a reputable international healthcare recruitment company with over twenty six (26 years) of successful recruitment and placement of international healthcare professionals around the world specifically in the USA, the Middle East, Australia and Europe.

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, ACCESS STAFF INTERNATIONAL is a leading provider of services established to assist, enhance and address the human capital and logistical demands within the current Domestic and International healthcare environment.  We seek global leading professionals and highly skilled talent for high-demand positions to provide our clients with staffing, recruiting and retention solutions.

Our international “in-house” Immigration and Visa expertise also allows for the coordination and management for the processing of candidates which, in turn, delivers a complete and seamless comprehensive overseas recruitment solution.

Our strategies are designed to:

  • Allow core activities to remain at the point of customer and employee contacts.
  • Identify needs and trends with market shifts and client strategic paradigms.
  • Identify solutions that make fiscal, operational and professional sense
  • Provide our clients access to our global recruiting network.

We work closely with our clients to develop meaningful recruitment and staff retention strategies that have a material impact on their bottom line, as well as our candidate’s careers.

In today’s leaner and meaner world of business you need every advantage you can get.  As an employer or manager, you know that nothing gives you stronger competitive edge than good employees.  You also know that good employees are harder to find.  At Access Staff International, we can help build that competitive edge.  We begin by doing what all good suppliers should do.


We take your wishes and your needs and equates them into a recruiting program specifically designed to find people who can meet or surpass your highest expectations.  That’s our commitment to you, and it can make a world of difference to your business.

A thorough knowledge of the market place and the human resources field has made ACCESS STAFF INTERNATIONAL a success.  As a company dedicated to Human Resources recruitment, we place individuals in all Human Resource functions; every level to executive, specialist to generalist.  Clients include large corporations as well as small start-up firms.  Healthcare services, pharmaceutical, consumer products, information technology, non-profit, communications, financial securities, oil & gas/petroleum, aviation, hospitality and entertainment companies are among the types of business we assist.

With its strong network of clients and candidates, ACCESS STAFF INTERNATIONAL is adept at recruiting and placing all levels of personnel in positions that require a high degree of skills and experience.

Company profile type: 
Recruitment Agency
Company size: 
11-50 employees
Hospital, Allied Health Professionals, Accident and Emergency, Intensive Care Nurse, Medical, Palliative, Oncology, Midwifery, Education, Consultant, Surgery, Consultant Practitioner
Wanted occupational fields: 
Cardiology, Advisor, Anaesthetist, Care Assistant, Care Manager, Charge Nurse, Chief Nurse, Clinical Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Clinical Skills Facilitator, Clinical Specialists, Community psychiatric nurse, Consultant, Director, ITU/ICU Nurse, Manager, Matron, Midwife, Nurse Consultant, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Nurse Practitioner, Practice Nurse, Practitioner, Radiographer, Registered General Nurse, Scrub Nurse, Sister, Staff Nurse, Ward Manager
Wanted field of studies: 
Health / Care management

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P.O. Box 3330
Caroline Springs VIC 3023