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Home Health Charge Nurse / Sister

This job is no longer available

Geneva Health International
05 December 2013
02 January 2014
Perm UK
Job Type
£30000 - £50000.0 per annum + Tax Free

Further information

Using expert knowledge and skills to ensure the delivery of quality services to patients by:

1 . Performing comprehensive assessment and utilizing critical thinking skills in defining measurable goals and plan of care.
2. Performing clinical therapeutic and diagnostic procedures at patient 's residence according to
Department policies, procedures and clinical practice.

3. Making independent clinical decisions relating to patient care at patient's residence.

4. Utilizing skills including critical thinking, coordination and assessment in communication with patients, families and other team members.
5. Performing accurate, concise and legible documentation on all care provided to patients according to the
policy and procedure.
6. Completing and submitting necessary documentation in accordance with department policy and applicable regulations.
7. Providing periodic nursing services and interventions to patients at home.
8. Ensuring that patient 's needs are appropriately matched with care provided.

9. Formulating a plan of care for patient base on evidence base practice and holistic care.

10. Developing and maintaining contact with all team members (e.g., Physicians, Respiratory Therapist, Case Manager Social Worker, Occupational Therapist etc.) to provide updated information on the patients.
11. Ensuring effective communication and collaboration with the team members, patients and or their families via strong communications skills.
12. Demonstrating knowledge of medications and their correct administration based on age ofthe patient and patient's clinical position.
13. Conducting comprehensive assessment for patient 's referred to home care to determine eligibility for home care programs.
14. Assisting all home care team members in timely processing of ph ysicians' orders.

15. Informing home care team of case acceptance and document all demographic, and clinical patients' information.
16. Performing patient and family education on disease process, self care needs and life style.
17. Assessing patient's needs for home medical equipment and assistive devices and promoting rehabilitation at home.
18. Performing safe home visit screening of patient's home environment in ensuring safety of staff and patient.
19. Assessing patients' home environments for suitability and safety.

20. Ability to adequately assess and reassess pain utilizing appropriate pain assessment tools.

21. Educating the patient and family regarding pain management.

22. Demonstrating knowledge of medications and their correct administration based on age ofthe patient and patient's clinical position.
23. Performing medication coordination between the doctor, and the pharmacist, ensures proper management of the patient correct dose, time of administration, and combinations.
24. Reviewing of patient's medication profile in assuring safe administration of all medication taken by
25. Attending home health care multidisciplinary meetings and patient care meetings.
26. Preceptoring newly employed nurses and assist with orientation process.
27. Performing competencies for nursing staff.
28. Participating in performance improvement programs
29. Acts as a resource person for her team members
30. Performing on call and liaison nurse duties as assigned .
31. Acting as the head nurse in her absence
32. Adhering to all departmental hospital policies and procedures.

33. Achieving 6 CME points per year by attending education programs, workshops, conferences.


Due to the contracts we hold with this hospital group we are only able to progress candidates who are traveling on a UK passport, and who have completed their nursing training in the UK. If you have not completed your training you must have completed some formal post graduate study in the UK.

Geneva Health International

Geneva Health International