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Staff Nurse

Do you enjoy your role as a Nurse?

You definately don't do it to fill your purse,

Sometimes it may seem like a curse,

But Nurses are heroes of the universe.

You're not afraid to be needle bearing,

You've got a lot of love and don't mind sharing,

One of your best traits is that you are caring,

Even though you often feel like swearing.

You work hard and don't shed any tears,

You're experienced and have been Nursing for years,

While at work your diary rarely clears,

You probably can't wait to get home and have some beers.

You may be unhappy with the role you're assigned,

But you love this job so let me remind,

That you do this for the good of mankind,

If you give me a call, a new job is what you'll find

17.00 - 22.00 GBP Annual + GBP17 - GBP22/annum

Staff Nurse

Fraserburgh, UK

Published on 24 Jun 2019