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Practice Nurse



PRACTICE MANAGER (Administratively)

Job Summary

To provide and maintain a high standard of nursing care for patients, as well as providing nursing assistance to the doctors and other members of the primary healthcare team.

Job Responsibilities

Assist in and perform routine tasks related to patient care as directed by senior nursing staff and GPs. Such tasks may include:

* Wound care / ulcer care

* Removal of sutures

* New patient medicals

* Urinalysis

* ECGs

* Peak flow readings

* Venepuncture

* Blood pressure measurements

* Ear syringing

* Routine immunisations/travel immunisations

* Chaperoning and assisting patients where appropriate who are being examined by another clinician

* Assisting GPs with minor surgery and coil fittings

* Requesting basic pathology tests, for example urine culture, swabs

* Asthma checks

* Following agreed clinical protocols with referral to senior nurses or GPs as appropriate

* Diabetes management

* COPD management

Other tasks including:

* Clean and sterilise equipment using autoclave

* Maintaining and cleaning equipment used by the nurses and GPs

* Maintaining GP and nurses' rooms, stocking and rotating items as required

* Chaperoning and assisting patients who are being examined by another clinician

* Undertake housekeeping duties including, general tidiness and cleanliness of nurses and treatment rooms

* Maintain stock of waiting room leaflets as instructed by partners and practice manager

* Ordering of Health Promotion Literature

* Ordering of stock from the local hospital

* Ordering of vaccinations to maintain stock levels

* Participation in administrative systems in the practice

* At all times there will be a need to maintain accurate records

* A duty to advise senior nurses of potential problems or errors within the range of assigned tasks

* Attend and participate in any practice meetings when required.

* On occasion there may be a requirement to undertake home visits


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Practice Nurse


Published on 7 Aug 2019