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Care Coordinator - Assessment or Treatment

Care Coordinator - Assessment or Treatment


Oxford Health NHS FT

Job Title: Community Mental Health Practitioner


Band: 6

Responsible to: Team Manager

Accountable to: Professional Lead

Place of work: Banbury

Hours: The AMHTs operate a 24 hour, 7 days a week service. Post

holders working within the AMHTs will be expected to

work flexible hours to cover the shift patterns (7am – 3pm,

9am – 5pm and 12pm – 8pm. Staff working within the

service may also be required to work from 8pm to 7am to

cover the teams out of hours provision.

Staff working in AMHTs may be required to work flexibly

between the assessment and treatment functions in order

to meet the needs of the service.

Author: David Warren

Creation Date: 19 August 2021

Last Updated: 19 August 2021

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Version: 1


The post holder will work within the Adult Mental Health Team, providing mental health

treatment in the community for patients with mental health needs identified within Cluster

4-17., supporting patients to work towards their own recovery. The post holder will act as

CPA Care Coordinator for a defined case load. The post holder will also provide home

treatment for patients experiencing a mental health crisis.


1. To work independently as part of a multi-disciplinary team to, assess, plan and implement patient

specific programmes of care/interventions under the Care Programme Approach, contributing to

the continuous assessment of patients.

2. To undertake complex mental health assessments using your professional knowledge and skills

and evidence-based practice.

3. To function effectively across a variety of environments (e.g., ward, department, homes etc.)

involving changing and demanding conditions

4. To use a comprehensive range of verbal and non-verbal communication tools to communicate

effectively with patients, their carers and families and colleagues. This may include people who

may have difficulties with understanding or communication.

5. To work in partnership with patients to agree goals and treatment proposals, gaining valid

informed consent

6. To have a working knowledge and understanding of the relevant legal frameworks: Mental Health

Act, Mental Capacity Act, NHS and Community Care Act, National Assistance Act.

7. To work in partnership with patients to assess their progress against mutually agreed goals,

amending care plan as appropriate.

8. To deliver a range of therapeutic interventions in line with professional requirements (appendix 1)

and in accordance with the job specification

9. To be responsible for own time management and the prioritisation of a caseload.

10. To participate in clinical/professional and managerial supervision and provide practice / clinical

supervision to designated registered and non-registered staff within the AMHT.

11. To participate in the Trust appraisal process

12. To delegate appropriate duties to junior registered and support staff, providing relevant direction

and oversight.

13. Together with colleagues, develop comprehensive contingency plans in the event of a crisis with

patients, families and carers.

14. To manage patient discharge in a safe and timely manner, ensuring liaison with primary care

colleagues: to ensure that family and carers are where appropriate advised of the patients

discharge arrangements: with timely completion of documentation.

15. Present funding requests to the Social Care funding panel

16. To attend designated team meetings,

17. To participate in the clinical education and support of members of the AMHT and the wider

Community Service, non-registered staff and students.

18. To manage and contain stressful and emotional situations in an

empathetic manner supporting patients and their families and


19. To develop partnership working with all relevant agencies/services/individuals to support optimal

care for patients.

20. To undertake a competency assessment and any required training if extending Scope of

Professional Practice.

21. To use the care clustering packages to inform and develop plans of care.

22. To be responsible for maintaining own competency to practice through CPD activities and

maintain a portfolio which reflects personal development. This will also support requirements for

registrations with the HCPC/NMC.

23. To undertake professional leadership roles as required

Other Responsibilities:

1. To ensure confidentiality and security of patient data is maintained at all times complying with

OHFT Policies and procedures in line with the Data Protection Act.

2. To ensure all electronic records are updated and complete within the standard for the Trust (e.g.

24 hours for progress notes)

3. To attend appropriate statutory and mandatory training courses in line with requirements of the


4. To maintain standards of professional practice as required by relevant professional body.

5. To participate and lead in service improvement initiatives

6. To carry out any other reasonable duties as requested by a manager of the Trust to ensure quality

of service.

Working Relationships

Working relationships will be maintained with:

 Local Adult Mental Health Teams and Inpatient Services

 Departments within the Trust

 Other working partners including GPs, CCGs, Health and Social Care Services, Third Sector

colleagues and Patient and Carer Representatives.

This job description is not restrictive or definitive in any way and should be regarded only as a guideline

to the duties required and may be amended in the light of changing circumstances following

consultation with the post holder. The job description does not form part of the Contract of



AMHT Manager

Team Manager

Community Mental Health Practitioner


All staff are required to work in accordance with their professional

group’s code of conduct (e.g., NMC, GMC, DoH Code of Conduct for Senior Managers).

This job description is intended as a basic guide to the scope and responsibilities of the post and is

not exhaustive. It will be subject to regular review and amendment as necessary in consultation

with the post holder.

In addition to undertaking the duties as outlined above, the post-holder will be expected to fully

adhere to the following:

Personal Development

 To actively participate in an annual performance review (appraisal) and the development and

implementation of a personal development plan.

 To take responsibility for their own professional development ensuring professional

standards are maintained and statutory and mandatory training is in date.

 To attend any training as requested.

Code of Conduct

 To adhere to the Professional Code of Conduct relating to your profession (if applicable).

 To uphold the principles and values set out in the NHS Code of Conduct for Managers.

 To support the organisation in developing an effective work/life balance for employees that

meets the needs of the organisation.

 To ensure that the health and wellbeing of patients is at the centre of all activities and that all

staff engage and communicate with patients as appropriate.

 To always promote quality and safety of patients, visitors and staff thus enabling the Trust to

meet its regulation requirements (Care Quality Commission Registration – Regulations and

Outcomes) that relate most directly to patients and also strive for continuous quality


Equal Opportunities/Diversity

 To observe Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust’s Equal Opportunities Policy providing

equality of treatment and opportunity to employees, service users and service providers

irrespective of sex, sexuality, age, marital status, ethnic origin or disability.

Health & Safety

 To take responsibility for the health & safety of themselves and other persons who may be

affected by their omissions or actions at work.

 To promote the Trust’s Health and Safety Policy and ensure matters are managed in

accordance with it.

 To co-operate with the Trust to ensure that statutory and departmental regulations are

adhered to.

 Report accidents, incidents and near misses, implementing corrective action where necessary.

Infection Control

 To comply with Trust policies for infection control and hand hygiene such as hand hygiene,

decontamination Policy, uniform and workwear code and standard precautions Policy to

reduce the spread of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs).

 Employees with clinical responsibilities must incorporate into their clinical activities up to

date evidence that supports safe infection control practices and procedures, such as the use

of aseptic techniques and the safe disposal of sharps.

Confidentiality and Data Security

 To comply fully with the duties and responsibilities outlined in the Trust’s Information

Governance Policy.

 To comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulations

(GDPR), National Data Security Standards and any professional code of practice on

Confidentiality and Data Protection as accepted by the Trust. Departmental codes of practice

and procedures for confidentiality are available from the head of department.

 To ensure that all information collected, stored and used is done so in compliance with the

above Act and any relevant Trust Policy.

 To preserve the confidentiality of any information regarding patients, staff records in your

area (in connection with their employment) and the Trust business. This obligation shall

continue in perpetuity.

 To raise any matters of concern with your Manager/Director


 To recognise that promoting the welfare and safeguarding children, young people and adults

is everyone’s business and access training and supervision as appropriate to the role.

 To support the organisation in ensuring service users are protected from abuse or the risk of

abuse and their human rights are respected and upheld.

 To ensure concerns are responded to appropriately in line with the Trust’s Safeguarding

Adults Policy and the Child Protection Policy and interagency safeguarding procedures.

 To comply with recruitment and other checks as requested by the organisation including

undertaking an Enhanced Disclosure via the Criminal Records Bureau.


 To be aware of and work in line with all Trust policies and procedures.

 To carry out any other tasks as reasonably directed.


Band: 6

Criteria for Selection Essential Requirements Desirable Requirements



 Please see below

Qualifications –


 Registered Professional

Qualification (Mental

Health Nurse,)

 Evidence of Continuing

Professional Development

(CPD) portfolio

 Post graduate education

specifically relating to

client group (Post basic

qualification in

community care/

research awareness/


 Approved Mental Health


Further Training or Job Related

Aptitude and Skills

 To be IT literate

 To have excellent English

verbal and written

communication skills

 To be able to prioritise


 To show evidence of sound

problem solving skills

 To be able to work

collaboratively as part of a


 To understand the legal

responsibilities of the


 To have experience and be

competent in Risk


 A specialist knowledge and

clinical expertise in

community mental health

in line with professional

requirements (see


 Demonstrate an

understanding of clinical

risk assessment and


 To have a developed

understanding of Clinical



 To understand the legal

frameworks within which

you have to practice

 To maintain professional

accountability and

professional registration. To

demonstrate English verbal

and written

Experience  To have experience of

working within a

multidisciplinary team

 To have relevant experience

in community care and

have specific clinical

expertise in mental health

 Formal /informal teaching

including supervising

student placements

 Providing clinical and or

managerial supervision

 Clinical audit

 To have an understanding

of AMHTs and

interdisciplinary working

 To have experience of

supervising other staff

 To be able to carry out

moderate to intense

physical effort throughout

the working day and carry

out concurrent activities

 Experience of



 Experience of providing

leadership Non-medical


Personal Qualities  To be able to manage in a

stressful working


 Adaptable and flexible

 Able to use own initiative

when appropriate

 Keen to learn

 Team player

 Reliable

 Able to challenge and be


 Able to build rapport


Contractual Requirements or

other requirements

 To comprehend and work

within the Trust policies of

data protection, equal

opportunities, Health &

Safety and to meet the


diverse needs of patients

 Own car or access to

alternative travel for

business use

 Able to travel to undertake

work and have the capacity

carry equipment relative to

your post

 Able to comply with

Manual Handling policies

and guidelines

 Able to comply with the

PMVA requirements for this

post which are breakaway

and de-escalation skills.

Profession Specific Skills

All of these professions should be competent in delivering a range of psycho-social intervention skills.

Mental Health Nursing

1. Physical Health Skills – Advanced knowledge of common physical health conditions and their

management, and an ability to monitor physical health conditions and wellbeing

2. Advanced knowledge of medications and their effects, including side effects and the management

of side effects.

3. Psycho-educational family approaches

4. Work with patients who exhibit negative symptoms such as low motivation.

5. Assisting patients to meet their activities of daily living and helping them to attain their optimum

level of functioning.

6. Champion Bio-Psychosocial approaches to care

Care Coordinator - Assessment or Treatment

Banbury, UK
Witney, UK

Published on 18 Oct 2022

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