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Band 6 Community Mental Health Nurse

Band 6 Community Mental Health Nurse
Location - Thanet Mental Health (KMPT)

  • Will have continuous responsibility for coordinating the care of an identified group of service uses on CPA, within an integrated community mental health team.
  • Expected to deliver a range of evidence based interventions which will promote recovery, social inclusion and normalization for this group of service users, who suffer from severe and enduring mental health problems.
  • Working in partnership with the MDT, CRHT and Acute Inpatients Services, other community teams and Primary Care to provide support and treatment to service users within crisis to facilitate the safe management of their needs within a community setting.

The principle purpose is to provide a person centred approach, focusing on the needs of the service users and their carers, which should be clearly addressed within the Care Programme Approach Framework. It is imperative that a full core assessment, a comprehensive risk assessment and a well-defined crisis and contingency plan are in place/updated on a regular basis in line with Trust procedures.
The successful candidates will be responsible for patients allocated to them and will assess, manage, plan and deliver care.
Key Responsibilities

  1. Foster recovery through empowerment of service users and carers by involving the service user and carer in the planning of their care establishing and maintaining consistent supportive relationships, which encourage increased self-determination and responsibility for service users and their care.
  2. Offer a range of evidence based interventions and risk management approaches enabling the service user and carers to reduce and manage symptoms and high-risk behaviour.
  3. Be proactive, innovative and creative in delivering care, enabling the facilitation of service user's recovery.
  4. Engage service users and carers in relapse prevention and crisis/contingency plans, providing interventions that maximizes the service user's ability to resolve crisis and prevents hospitalization.
  5. Facilitate early discharge from both inpatients and the CRHT Team by providing regular, formal reviews.
  6. Deliver a flexible and responsive service through practice that is dictated by service users/carers needs.
  7. Work collaboratively and effectively with members of the multi-disciplinary team and in partnership with other agencies.
  8. Deliver high quality care and provide solutions to service users with severe and enduring mental health problems.
  9. Provide care within the Recovery Model of practice maintaining service users within their own environment in the community.
  10. Act as an educator for service users and carers. Advise on issues of mental health so as to generate a positive approach to health and strengthen the service user's capacity to manage illness, symptoms and crisis.
  11. Provide Care Coordination to a defined caseload of service users.
  12. Respond swiftly to crisis, providing interventions to prevent admission or re-admission.
  13. Work closely with carers.
  14. Recognize racial, cultural, sexual preference and linguistic differences.
  15. Ensure that record keeping/documentation reflects needs.
  16. Maximize the use of resources within the team and available in the community.
  17. To be responsible for assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating care, using evidence based tools and models of care.
  18. Work within the MDT framework according to code of practice, for delivery of optimum care.
  19. Ensure that care plans are reviewed and updated to take into account of the most recent information regarding service user's needs. It should reflect the views of the service users and carers.

Please get in contact with Meditemp ASAP to be considered for this vacancy.


Band 6 Community Mental Health Nurse

Ramsgate, UK

Published on 13 Aug 2019