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Anaesthetic Technicians

Aotearoa, New Zealand offers a broad range of opportunities for Anaesthetic Technicians in a range of environments from fast-paced metropolitan centres to community-focused healthcare in urban, rural and remote settings.

Anaesthetic Technicians are in high demand in New Zealand

Aotearoa, New Zealand’s population continues to increase, and we are living longer. These two factors are placing increasing demand on New Zealand’s health services because growing patient presentations with multiple pre-existing diseases and conditions (comorbidities) requiring complex surgery and care.

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About the role

An Anaesthetic Technician or Operating Department Practitioners are part of the Allied Health workforce who perform a patient care role predominantly assisting with the administration and monitoring of anaesthesia. They have an extensive knowledge of anaesthesia techniques, instruments, supplies and technology.

Involved with all aspects of the delivery of a patient's perioperative anaesthetic care, they also provide a key role in the emergency resuscitation of patients.

You'll find Anaesthetic Technicians in operating theatre suites, but can be found in other areas of clinical practice including emergency departments, intensive care units (ICU) and day surgery clinics.

Benefits and salary range

  • Anaesthetic Technicians usually earn between $59,000 and $86,000 a year.
  • Anaesthetic Technicians with more responsibilities can earn between $88,000 and $119,000
  • Most of our workforce receive a minimum of four (4) weeks annual leave usually working a set 40 hours a week. Additional leave is provided after five (5) years and for employees who participate in shift work and on-call.

Required qualifications and experience

To work in Aotearoa, New Zealand you will require an appropriate registration.

  • Anaesthetic Technicians need to be able to gain registration with the Medical Sciences Council of New Zealand
  • Other requirements: An Annual Practicing Certificate is a requirement in order to be employed.

Training & development

  • New Zealand Anaesthetic Technicians' Society: 
  • There are two existing expanded Scopes of Practice for Anaesthetic Technicians, namely Post-Anaesthetic Care, and Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters. Anaesthetic Technicians may practice in these areas on the completion of an accredited training pathway and the approval of the Medical Sciences Council. 

Roles and responsibilities

  • Check and set up life support and anaesthetic machines
  • Inform and reassure patients, and check for conditions that could create problems under anaesthesia
  • Support Anaesthetists place patients' breathing tubes and intravenous lines
  • Support Anaesthetists with the safe delivery of anaesthesia, including local anaesthetics and nerve blocks
  • Assess and monitor patients' vital signs including temperature monitoring and regulation, collection and analysis of patient blood samples
  • Assist with the post-operative care of the patients
    insertion of I.V. catheters

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Internationally qualified candidates

Practitioners who hold a United Kingdom-issued qualification in Anaesthetic Technology and:

  • have 3680 hours or more (2 years fulltime equivalent) post-qualification relevant specialised anaesthetic technology experience, and
  • are registered and in good standing with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

Applicants with less than two years' experience can still apply, and be assessed by the Council, which may include a Work Based Assessment in practice. 

All other overseas qualifications are assessed on a case-by-case basis as to whether or not the holder of that qualification meets the registration requirements of the Council. Qualifications will be assessed against a standard set of criteria approved by the Council. Learn more here

Operating Department Practitioners (ODP) seeking roles may apply for registration and practice within the boundaries of an Anaesthetic Technician.


Begin your career

To become an Anaesthetic Technician, you need to:



Anaesthetic Technicians

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between $59,000 and $86,000 with more responsibilities, between $88,000 and $119,000

Published on 9 Aug 2023

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