Mental Health Triage Professional in Force Control Room         

Gwent Police
Blaenau Gwent
04 Jan 2019
01 Feb 2019
Nursing Field
Mental Health

Role: Mental Health Triage Professional in Force Control Room         

Department: First Point of Contact (FPOC)      

Service Area: Protective Services  

Responsible to: Mental Health Triage Manager in Force Control Room

Responsible for: Overseeing incidents involving those with mental health needs

Role Purpose:                 

To provide advice, guidance and direction to officers and staff in Gwent Police in relation to responding to those calls for service in relation to individuals who appear to be in mental health crisis or have mental health needs. Making professional, autonomous decisions for which they are accountable within their Professional Code of Conduct and other relevant policies.       



Date role last reviewed: December 2018

Main Activities:

  1. Provide expert clinical advice and direction to Gwent Police officers and staff for incidents involving those with mental health needs or in mental health crisis.
  2. To advise, evaluate and make evidenced based autonomous decisions on the individual risks posed by person/s in mental health crisis or need whilst adhering to all guidelines, protocols and processes relating to clinical care. To be able to access, gain data and update the computer systems of Gwent Police, Social Services and NHS in line with the requirements of the role and the Policies and Procedures of those agencies. To carry out and record risk evaluations on relevant systems in line with the requirements of the role.
  3. To work collaboratively with Gwent Police and Partner agencies to establish and gain access to the correct pathways appropriate to the incident for the person in mental health need or crisis, and to direct Gwent Police staff into those pathways.
  4. To dynamically challenge and facilitate at the time of the incident the smooth access for Gwent Police or Partner agencies to gain the correct pathways to address an individual’s needs. 
  5. Where necessary, to bring issues arising to the attention of the Force Incident Manager and Mental Health Triage manager.
  6. To maintain systematic and accurate records of advice and guidance provided in relation to incidents and ensure data is recorded electronically in line with the required policies and procedures for Gwent Police and Partners and requirements of the role. To act as an advocate for individuals in relation to mental health issues. To maintain professional practice and accreditation/registration/warrant in accordance with the relevant Professional Body and statutory requirement required of the role, which may include internal or external locations with local authority or authorities.
  7. To carry out any research, evaluation and development activities as required.
  8. To ensure confidentiality is maintained in line with Gwent Police and Partners Policies and Procedures and Data Protection Legislation.
  9. To attend meetings in support of the manager as required of the role.
  10. To deliver a customer/service user focused service. To promote and adhere to Gwent Police's Strategic Equality Plan to support the development of a diverse workforce. To take reasonable care of own and others' safety; to co-operate with managers/supervisors in complying with statutory health and safety duties; to report incidents, accidents, faults etc.

Special Circumstances

  1. Gwent Police is a non-smoking organisation
  2. All potential staff to Gwent Police must display the qualities to be able to work in an organisation with minority groups and provide a service to minority groups in communities. They must show that they are able to contribute to an open, fair working environment where inappropriate behaviour is not permitted. They must display no evidence of the likelihood to contribute in any way to workplace bullying or sexist or racist behaviour.
  3. This role will be a shift work pattern over seven days a week, primarily working 8am – 2am seven days a week but with the capacity to have to work 2am to 8am if required.  
  4. Role is primarily based in Force Communications Suite, Control Room but this may be subject to change and review.
  5. Must hold a full UK driving licence (geared car).

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