Care Manager

North London
£50k - £60k per annum
04 Jan 2019
01 Feb 2019
Nursing Field
Care Home, Elderly Care
Care Manager

JOB TITLE: Care Manager

RESPONSIBLE TO: Director of Home

Salary: £50k - £60k per annum


  • To maintain a Nursing Home of excellence.
  • To run the Home in compliance with the Code of Practices of Nursing Homes.
  • To administer the Home in strict adherence to the Jewish Faith.

LIAISON WITH:           

  • The Director, all Staff of Home, relatives of residents as well as residents, all authorities and bodies, as necessary.


  • To ensure that resident’s welfare, comfort and safety are maintained to the highest possible standards; and promoting the sanctity of life.
  • To take care of the elderly with dignity, care and compassion.


Resident Care

  1. To establish a good harmonious relationship with each resident.
  2. To ensure that the residents are well looked after physically, mentally and emotionally.
  3. To Liaise with doctors and multi-disciplinary
  4. To be meticulous in record keeping of:
  5. Medication
  6. To ensure the updating of Care plans are done timely and comprehensively.


  1. To ensure that there is adequate good quality staff to maintain a high standard of care/ and nursing.
  2. To ensure that all staff employed are dedicated, caring and efficient, and when that is not the case to bring it to the attention of the Director immediately.
  3. To ensure that all staff are adequately trained. 
  4. To avail staff of in-house as well as outside training.
  5. To work with the Staff Coordinator and Director on a training programme.
  6. To establish a good harmonious working relationship with the staff.
  7. To ensure shifts are balanced so that there is more staff available at peak times and that the shifts are fairly done.
  8. To ensure that a monthly staff meeting is held on the premises and that the written records of it are circulated.
  9. To organise and carry out staff appraisals at all levels of the staff of the Home, with the cooperation of the Coordinator.




  1. To ensure that all necessary policies concerning the management of the Home are in place and that they are reviewed and updated periodically.
  2. To ensure that a good and efficient filing system is in place with all the necessary information on residents and staff.
  3. To ensure that up-to-date current publications on the Home are in place and available for distribution.


  1. To ensure that the building is safe and all the services are well maintained. Where necessary, liaise with the Site Manager to achieve best results.
  2. To ensure that written menus are in place and that the food is of highest standard and suitable for residents.
  3. To ensure that the highest standards of hygiene are maintained in all areas.
  4. To ensure there is adequate appropriate aids and equipment to ensure safety of residents as well as staff.
  5. Replacements of furniture, fittings, appliances and residents clothing are all the responsibility of the Registered Care Manager. It is your duty to bring it to the Director’s attention, anything that needs replacing.


  1. To follow the regulations as set out in the National Care Standards Act 2000.
  2. To respond to problems noticed by yourself or brought to your attention by others.
  3. To ensure that responsible staff are in place twenty-four hours a day and, unless the Director takes on this responsibility, be the last port of call in any crisis or emergency.
  4. To be loyal and dedicated to the Organisation and meet at least once a week with the Director and Nurses.
  5. The Care Manager is not expected to carry out all these tasks alone.  As much help as required should be enlisted so that all the matters for which the Care Manager is responsible are fulfilled.
  6. All staff have a responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and adults. The post holder will undertake the appropriate level of training and is responsible for ensuring that they understand and work within the safeguarding policies of the organisation