Registered Nurse of CCG Governing Body

Agenda for Change 8d or negotiable based on current salary
31 May 2012
28 Jun 2012
Nursing Field
Community Care, Hospital
Job Type

 Nurse Board Member

There has never been a more exciting time or opportunity to help shape how the NHS works. Stoke on Trent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is part of the future structure of the NHS and as a wave one CCG we are preparing to become Stoke on Trent’s main commissioner of health services. We are looking for a Registered Nurse to join our Governing Body (Board) who has the drive, attributes and skills to influence the development of the CCG, ensure the CCG carries out its statutory obligations and makes a difference to the health outcomes of Stoke on Trent’s population.

As well as sharing responsibility with the other members for all aspects of the CCG Governing Body business, as a registered nurse you will bring a broader view on health and care issues to underpin the work of the CCG especially the contribution of nursing to patient care. You will also be responsible for infection control and all safeguarding issues.

As the governing body nurse member you will have significant proven experience and understanding of whole health economy systems and possess the leadership ability that will fundamentally support the CCG's development towards successful authorisation and ongoing continuous improvement.

The most recent draft of Clinical Commissioning Group governing body members role outlines sets out that individual carrying out the role should have no conflicts of interest i.e. they should not be employed by any organisation from which the CCG secures any significant volume of provision nor can they be a general practice employee.

The time commitment is 1 day per week with tenure of three years when the post will be subject to re-appointment. The remuneration will be Agenda for Change Band 8d, or negotiable based on current salary.

Please send applications to Louise Ball
closing date 17th June 2012