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Nursing jobs, like many others, may require a personal statement when applying. Take a look at our short guide about how to show how well you can nurse…

A personal statement is your best opportunity at grabbing the eye of a prospective employer. There isn’t much room to talk, but hit the mark and they will be begging you to come and sit into that interview room.

Why apply?

Passion about nursing is important, but your personal statement is your chance to show employers just how much the position means to you. Show knowledge and enthusiasm and most of all let them know that you care.

Why should they hire you?

There isn’t a lot of space in your personal statement, so it is important not to waste any words by repeating yourself. Your qualifications and experience are mostly likely already included in other documents that you have submitted. Take this as an opportunity to set yourself aside from the rest of the crowd as the one that is right for the job.

Use their job description to your advantage

The job description details the perfect candidate that is being searched for. You need to let them know just how well you fit the part.

Examples are important. Make a list and illustrate to them just how well you can meet each requirement.

If, for whatever reason, you have not been given an in depth brief, there are some key areas that you will be required to have competence in and are always worth mentioning:

  • Communication skills: an ability to clearly convey messages with all sorts of people, both patients and peers.
  • Multi-professional working: being able to work well with different people and showing ability to construct a good professional relationship.
  • Analysis skills: Experience and knowledge in this area is always valuable.
  • Record keeping: Clarity and precision in all documentation.
  • Administering medication: ability to ensure that no drug errors are made.
  • Using research-based practice: ensuring that your practice is up to date using the most recently acquired evidence.

Check it all

  • Is your spelling all correct?
  • Have you presented examples where appropriate?
  • Do you meet the requirements?
  • Have you told them why you want the job?
  • Is it all clear and coherent?
  • Have you ensured that a fresh pair of eyes checks it over?

Keeping it concise

Whilst writing skills are valued, employers are not expecting anything more than a few hundred words. Keep your points structured and ensure that they are relevant.

Most importantly of all, make sure you show just how much it means to you. Stick to the job description and you will have made yourself a fantastic case.

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