Staff Nurse

£12.00 - £14.00 per hour
07 Mar 2014
02 Apr 2014
Perm UK
Nursing Field
Care Home
Job Type

Accurately assess the needs of residents, with the emphasis on their strengths, abilities, qualities and feelings.

Represent Kingsley Healthcare in a professional and positive manner at all times and in all communications with residents, visitors and staff.

Ensure safe administration of medication and treatments within NMC guidelines and Kingsley Healthcare medication policy.

Report any ill-health amongst residents and make appropriate requests for GP/outside professional visit where necessary.

Ensure that residents' care plans are completed and maintained in conjunction with residents, relatives and other healthcare professionals and in accordance with NMC guideline and association policy.

Assess of all aspects of residents' needs and provide health supervision and nursing when required.

Maintain professional development through attending and contributing towards staff training, supervisions and meetings.

Comply with Kingsley Healthcare Health and Safety Policy and procedures at all times.

Maintain confidentiality regarding all issues and information relating to residents and the company.


Undertake a comprehensive social and health care assessment on all new residents, and maintain on going assessment and review of other residents' needs.

Maintain accurate records and ensure each resident within the home has an individualised, person-centred care plan. Residents' care plans to be reviewed on a monthly basis or more frequently if changes occur, in accordance with NMC guidelines and company policy.

Ensure a clear and concise handover is given to all staff at the changeover of each shift.

Assist in the care of residents who are terminally ill or who have a progressive illness.

To contribute to the protection of vulnerable adults from abuse.

To answer assistance calls, telephones take and pass on accurate messages.

Carry out regular checks on residents to ensure their health, safety and well being.

Ensure all equipment is clean and well maintained, complying with local and national infection control guidelines.

To act in accordance with NMC code of conduct at all times.

Ensure that all residents are receiving the highest standard of nursing and social well being, which directly relates to care plans and the regularly reassessed needs of residents.

Record and report resident observations within care plans to ensure maintenance of accurate and up to date records.

Report immediately to the manager or person in charge, any illness of an infectious nature or accident incurred by a resident, colleague, self or another.

Follow security measures to ensure the safety and well being of residents, visitors, belongings and the property as a whole.


Provide support for new staff members in all aspects of their work within the home, providing help and guidance where appropriate.

Being Person Centred
Self Being comfortable being oneself at work, being self aware and open.
FeelingBeing able to be emotionally warm, offering closeness to each individual.
Together Being a friend to individual's, with no them and us.
Inspiring Being positive and passionate, being able to make a connection with people
that makes a difference.
Nurturing Being able to provide comfort, security and a sense of belonging.
Respectful Being able to understand the value of life histories and using it to enhance
individual well-being.
Accepting Being positive about individual's reality and accepting of others, to understand
that feelings can be displayed as action or words.

Flexible Being focused on individuals and not routine, to have the ability to adapt to
daily differences and just 'go with the flow'.
Spontaneous Being able to create opportunities that will occupy individuals in a meaningful
Enabling Being able to create well-being and not ill-being.